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 Radio Program List

These are 15 minute Panel Discussions based on the book “Bird’s Eye View of the Bible by Jean Eason and Orpah Hicks

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Program 20

Testimony of Jean Sutherland 

Program 22

Danger of Taking the Wrong Path 

Program 30

Testimony of Monica Crocker 

Program 23

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? 

Program 31

Testimony of Morgan Chapman 

Program 24

Painful Experiences as Jehovah’s Witnesses 

Program 33

Testimony of David Fulcher 

Program 25

The Truth About Mormons 

Program 35

Testimony of Orpah Hicks 

Program 26

How to Identify False Teaching 

Program 37

Testimony of Robbie Phillips 

Program 27

How False Teaching Creeps in 

Program 39

Testimony of Ben Robinson's Family 

Program 28 

How to Find a Good Church 

Program 41

Testimony of Walley Randall 

Program 29

The World View & YOU 

Program 43

Testimony of David and Suzann Stone 

Program 32

Our Changing Culture 

Program 46

Testimony of Judi Blakeman 

Program 34 

The Biblical Worldview 

Program 47

Testimony of Emily Jones 

Program 36 

Rely on God – Change Takes Time 

Program 50

Testimony of Peggy Holman 

Program 38

Why YOU need the Church 

Program 52

Testimony From Norma Hylton's Neighborhood Bible Study

Program 40 

Why YOU need Bible Study 

Program 54

Testimony of Phil Richardson 

Program 42

Changed Hearts – Change Culture 

Program 56

Testimony of Gene and Mary Helen Welsh 

Program 44 

Spiritual Gifts – What are they? 

Program 58

Testimony of Stacy Siegel 

Program 45 

Spiritual Gifts –Panel Discussion 

Program 59

Testimony of Tim Cole 

Program 48

Creation vs. Evolution  -  Does God Exist or not? 

  Program 49 

The 10 Basics Every Creationist Should Know 

  Program 51 

How to disagree peacefully 

  Program 53 

Is Christianity Intolerant? 

  Program 55 

How do I develop a Christian mind? 

  Program 57

Focusing on Jesus 



Program 60

The Tutors for Christ Panel