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Barbara Radke Testimony

Carl Mickens

Paul Blizard

Cynthia Hampton

Betty Stephen (Reported for Taking Blood)

Cal Lehman

Jay Hess


Jean Eason



Tower of Truth Audio Testimonies


Jean Eason Antique Testimony 2003



Recommended for good Christian teaching:
For the ex-jw first time taking in a Christian commentary, I recommend J. Vernon McGee

Here is a list of all his commentaries in Audio:
Here is a list on the Gospel of John:
For ex-jws who need help dealing with emotional issues of leaving a false gospel, and seeking truth in the scriptures, I recommend Dr. Walter Martin commentaries.
Brother Martin is apologetics 101 for the Christian ex-jw, and his responces are what main-stream apologetics use in arguments against Watchtower Society Theology. ***The Gospel of John is quote a LOT in his aplogetic responces.
"How To Witness To A Jehovah's Witness"





For over 30 years Expert Custody Consultants has provided a highly-strategized and field-tested approach for our clients and their attorneys. This unparalleled strategy rescues children from the severe psychological and physical endangerment within the Jehovah's Witnesses cult. While our long-time winning experience in this specialized area of child custody cases causes the Watchtower Society to fear our involvement in such cases, our clients rejoice in the new-found freedom their precious children come to know.

To hear ex-Jehovah's Witness Testimonies:
Go to and follow instructions on site to download and install.
After installing, log onto Paltalk. Click on "Chat Rooms" tab. Select "Rooms".
Under Category “Religion and Spirituality” , you will find us in the “Christianity” section
under room name "EX Jehovah’s Witnesses following Jesus Testimonies." )